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5 Developments of the Lubbock and Houston 4G Network

5 Developments of the Lubbock and Houston 4G Network

If you have heard that Lubbock and Houston are now on the 4G network, it might have sounded merely like a number to you.  In reality, there is a lot to do with a network of this caliber.  While you cannot expect every problem you ever experienced on the internet to have disappeared (it’s still the internet), you can definitely brace yourself for something you have never seen before.  Here are the 5 big developments available to people getting on the Lubbock and Houston 4G network.


1. The speed.  There is simply no peer for this service any longer.  The speeds available to 4th generation users are running some 5 times faster than anything else on the grid.  If you need to get things done quicker than ever before, you will be able to use this system to your advantage.  The little emails and searches happen almost as an afterthought, while the larger things also do not tax your patience in any way.


2. The range.  What type of range can you expect from this network?  Let’s just say that you will notice how more than a few places are at your disposal that were previously unavailable.  While you are sitting in your favorite secret place the next time, try to get online using your 4G device.  Chances are you will get online without a problem.  The range is only going to get better in the coming years.  If you want to latch on to the best network, you should get on board quickly.


3. The ability to shrug off big downloads.  How many times have you been shut down when you wanted to pull off a big download when working with wireless service?  The sad part is it doesn’t only happen with mobile connections.  Enough home users have been shut down in the past when simply trying to download a movie, get a big presentation onto your computer or anything else that is going to require a major jolt of bandwidth.  You don’t need any special gadgets to do it either.


4. The power of adaptation.  The way this network can adapt to anything else out there is going to impress anyone who has ever had a bad experience with technology.  Can your signal switch over to 3G when the 4G network hasn’t gotten there?  It sure can, while it will switch right back to the more powerful signal when you find it again.  The ability to adapt truly separates it from any other system of the past.


5. Speed on the customer service end.  When you are talking about great speeds on the 4G network, you will realize that it isn’t merely the speed when you log on and start working on the internet.  The speeds of the customer service end have also increased a great deal from previous benchmarks.  For example, instead of the typical delays you can expect when getting set up, you can get going in a matter of days.

Log on to and get set up with a 4G package today.  The site has all kinds of great deals for anyone who wants the best wireless service.

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